(n) finding something good without looking for it

I am a believer. I believe in destiny. There’s no such thing as coincidence in this life, but rather a series of events that are destined or bound to happen. I must say that we make our own decisions in life but it’s the ‘fate’¬† who is behind of everything; I think fate gives us the (little) signs that will determine our decisions whether to be happy or not. It’s like we are fated to the things we choose. But there are some unexpected moments in our life that we didn’t know will happen or something that we didn’t look forward to- and that is simply called Serendipity, or ‘fortunate accidents’ like what Sara Thomas defined it in the movie. Read More »


Christmas season..

and so all the negative thoughts about it.

Ever since I was a child I never like the concept of Christmas. I actually don’t get it why all of them were looking forward to celebrate it every year. Like I always ask myself ‘what so special about it?’, why are they wasting their time and effort to do everything just to make their Christmas worthwhile. I guess I’m not just the only one who hates ¬†(the concept of) Christmas, I can feel that there are some who also doesn’t want to celebrate it.

Especially this year..Read More »

what about now

Am I the only one who feel worthless when something happens, whether it’s good or bad? Like I always put the blame on myself even though I should not. It feels like there’s something heavy inside me that I should let go. It keeps on stopping me from doing something, it keeps on holding me back. I don’t know what exactly that is but one thing is for sure, that’s the (main) reason why I let myself live miserably and be drowned in sadness.

Paano, Kailan at Saan

Hindi ko alam kung paano nagsimula.
Hindi ko alam kung kailan nagsimula.
Hindi ko alam kung saan nagsimula.
Maraming tanong ang bumabagabag.
Maraming bagay ang gumugulo sa isip.
Paano? Kailan? at Saan?

Paano ba kita nagustuhan?
Unang tanong na sumagi sa aking isipan.
Tanong na nagpagulo sa lahat ng bagay.
Tanong na hindi ko masagot.
At tanong na pinipilit kong sagutin.

Kailan ba kita nagustuhan?
Kailan ko nga ba naramdaman?
Mga pagkakataong hindi ko maipaliwanag.
At mga bagay na walang kasiguraduhan.

Saan nga ba papunta ang nararamdamang ito?
Saan nga ba ako dadalhin ng pagmamahal?
Hanggang saan pa nga ba?
Hanggang saan pa nga ba ang kaya kong gawin?
At Hanggang saan pa nga ba ang kaya kong tiisin?


For every decision we make,

and for every chances we take,

it’s just about being true,

it’s just about being you.

I know it might hurt to know the truth,

but it soothes every lie in you.

For some reason I wanted to hear;

for some reason I wanted to clear.

Aren’t you telling me the truth?

Or it’s just me.. who keeps on wondering.

It’s pretty crazy how fast things change,

by that simple lie you’ve made.

It’s pretty crazy how our lives change,

by that simple chance you break.

For some reason I wanted to hear;

for some reason I wanted to clear.

Aren’t you telling me the truth?

Or it’s just me.. who keeps on wondering.

oh life

There are times that we really feel empty. We feel sad and terrified at the same time. And sometimes it happens for no specific reason. I guess it’s all part of life. Life has so many things to offer. It couldn’t just give you perfect happiness everyday, it always comes in two.