Wait, what?

Hey, what’s up?


I guess I didn’t make a simple introduction since I’ve started blogging and to be honest I don’t actually know how do I start telling stuffs about myself, so please bear with me. So my name is Mickaela Mae Paña, you can call me Mai for short- well that’s apparently my nickname and that’s what I prefer. I was born on September 16, 1999.

I grew up as a normal teenager that’s why my life is as boring as what you think. In case you wanna know why did I made a blog and what’s the purpose of it, just visit my blog more often. But seriously, I made this blog out of curiosity. Since then I always visit a lot of blog sites, different bloggers/writers, but I figured out one thing that they have in common, they expressed themselves through social media and convey their messages and write-ups in their blogs without worrying what others may think. And that’s exactly the magic of it, it’s more of expressing oneself.

And I guess that will really help me to know myself better – as an individual. I’m not the kind of person who share my problem/s with other people, I always keep it all within me. ‘Cause for me it is better to be alone – in reality than to live in this pretentious world. And that’s probably one of the (main) reason why I made a blog. Through this, I can be able to express my thoughts and feelings (freely).

So that’s it! A short and simple introduction about myself.

P.S. You can say anything about me (whatever you want), it’s a free county, but then again, I made this blog to express myself and not to please anyone.




You gotta figure things out by yourself.
And sometimes, being alone..in reality does make sense.