I’m finally making a blog about my first ever concert experience.. (I know it’s super late but ya know.. it’s better late than never!)

I am  a big fan of Shawn Mendes. I love him and his music so much. His music brings a different and light mood to me and it also gives me the feeling of eargasm everytime I hear his (lovely) voice. Damn his voice, it was so perfect especially when you hear it live. Shawn is not just an artist who has a good voice but also an artist who has a good heart, that’s why I can proudly say that I’m his fan. So how did I make it to his concert? I went by myself to MOA arena just to see him perform even though my parents didn’t know, I didn’t ask for their permission ’cause I know they won’t let me, so why bother? Kidding aside, if you guys only knew my parents are super strict, as in! That’s why if they figure out about this, I’ll surely be dead. Going back to the original topic, since it was my first concert experience and I’m just on my own, I (really) felt nervous that time! I was overthinking even before the concert begins. I was thinking about what if I got lost or got kidnapped or got killed or some sort of those things, I was overreacting. But when the concert starts, everything goes along so perfectly. I started screaming when they turned the lights off and introduced him. I was so mesmerized by his looks especially his voice! I just enjoy every part of his performance, every song and every time he talks. Haaaay Shawn I love you so much.


Nothing much to say.. but Shawn Mendes is really a fucking great artist! He was just so incredible and amazing. How I wish he would visit the Philippines again for his next tour- or somehow kahit vacation lang. (chos) Anyway, I didn’t took a lot of photos during the concert ’cause I was savoring the moment (literally). Basta mahal ko si Shawn okay.

So here are some photos I got online.
(special credits to the owner)



if there’s something that scares you, wait for the right time to do it because it will be worth it eventually.


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