fieldtrip 2k17

so I guess this blog would be all about my fieldtrip experience this 2017..

I don’t usually write a blog about irrelevant things or just simple experiences that happen in our daily lives. At first, I considered every fieldtrip as dull and as boring as it may seems. I guess some people would probably agree with me. Fieldtrip is not really an ‘educational’ thing to us students, we don’t usually see it as a remarkable one, instead we considered it as a ‘no-aral day’ or somehow free-time. But this time, my fieldtrip became extra-special, what I mean is, it’s more of a time to contemplate or reflect about some things in this world- or in life rather. So let me share to you guys what happened last February 02, 2017..


Our departure time is around 6:00-6:30 am, but then again I arrived at 6:45 in the morning- well what’s new? But even my closest friends in the room was late and I’m not just the only one heh. So our first destination was in Mind Museum, Taguig. Well apparently it’s my second time to visit that place because we already had a fieldtrip there years ago. We have three-hours to roam around and it wasn’t that boring ’cause there’s a lot of drama (haha!). It’s actually my first time to witnessed my gay-friend Ric cried, we’ve known him for being bubbly and jovial and seeing him crying was overwhelming, seriously. Nakakagulat talaga. He cried because of us,  well… mostly because of me. I guess it was really my fault because the day before was our thesis title defense and I keep on ignoring him for some reason. It wasn’t that serious tho, but I just don’t feel like talking to people on that day even with my friends. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m mad or angry at them, it just that I want to be alone. And somehow, Ric took it seriously, he thought that I’m mad at him. So when we (I & my friends) approached him, he just smiled back and turned around. But little did we know he was trying to wipe his tears. Umiyak talaga siya. And me being so evil, I laughed and comforted him at the same time. In the end, we just make fun of each other like we used to. 

(some photos from my friends and I)


Our second and third destination was in DOST Museum, Taguig  and Elite Techno Park, Pasay. I admit that it was kinda boring. It wasn’t that fun and interesting so I’m not gonna share everything that happened there. But here are some photos that I took. 


Our last destination was in Harbour Square. We just went there to buy some food for dinner and our tour guide gave us 15 mins to do that. But since we’re very responsible and obedient we didn’t care about the time-limit. It was actually my first time to visit that place and the ambiance was really relaxing I swear. It’s the perfect place to chill and hangout with friends especially at night. We took a lot of photos at the bay and had some ‘fun’ pictorials. 

But the most memorable moment in that day was in the bus on our way home. While everyone was having their moment, some are sleeping, listening to LOUD music, having some chikas, and many more, I & Cath (my cheatmate/seatmate) started talking about random things. Literally RANDOM things! From places to things to drinks and to life. That feeling when you encountered someone who has the same type of personality as you. Introvert meets introvert indeed.giphy

I being an introvert doesn’t want to share my thoughts or my personal problems towards another person unless he/she is really close to me. In that time, I just figured out that Cath and I have the same type of personality, we’re both introvert but most people who were close to us didn’t actually know that. In our ‘random’ conversation we talked about life itself. We talked about our value/worth and purpose. We talked about our deepest thoughts. We talked about being lost in this world. And most especially, we talked about happiness. When it comes to happiness, there are a lot of questions running inside my head. Like for example, Is happiness really a choice? Is it really self-achievable? Well I guess indeed it was-in general, but it wasn’t the ‘genuine happiness’ we’ve been all looking and wanting for. Genuine happiness is hard to find, yet it’s also hard to maintain. Some people can say that it is so easy to be happy, ’cause they think that if you choose to be happy then you will be. But since we are all different and we have different perspective and outlook in life, it’s not that easy for some people. One should know and understand that the way we see and deal with things is not the same with others. We are UNIQUE in our own way, that’s why God made us all different from one another. 

And the thing that made ‘the random conversation’ remarkable was… we don’t usually talked about that in our everyday lives, even with our friends and/or family. We don’t always share our thoughts and problems with others, most especially when you’re an introvert. 

So that’s it! That’s probably one of the reason why my fieldtrip became memorable. I’ll end it here. x


I guess sometimes in life you have to stop and pause for a while. Time to think and reflect about some things that are worth enough. 


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